This is some rescue...

Some things from Star Wars have been built so often in LEGO form that my eyes start to glaze over as I look at them. X-wing fighters, for example, or TIE fighters. It takes something extraordinary about them now to merit a mention (I did recently write up an AT-ST and a Y-wing, other examples of frequently-built vehicles, so it does happen!). Other things, most often scenes, have hardly been built at all. Detention Block AA23 of the first Death Star, including the trash compactor, has certainly been built before, but this version by markus19840420 is the best I have seen. The immersive nature of the shots, with a cinematic feel, is perfect for the scene.

The lifts look great, as do the control panels that have only moments left of functionality before being blasted by Han. The walls also look good, with the different textures and depths. My favorite part is the cameras, or sensors, or whatever those technical-looking gizmos hanging from the ceiling that are also blasted by Han and Chewie are called. The bar holders with clips are perfect for the job. What sets this apart from other versions is the light shining through the ceiling as well as down the detention block itself. Presentation matters!

After learning that the short stormtrooper is really Luke Skywalker and finding the bold rescuers trapped in the hall, Leia takes matters into her own hands and blasts a hole into the trash compactor chute. The build of the compactor is even better, in my opinion, than the block itself. The fig posing as Han is about to fire his blaster, the arrangement of the loose material, the beautiful photography with the foreground left out of focus, are all on point. I won’t bore you by pointing out every cool piece used for Death Star trash (there are too many), but I will point out that this is one of the very few appropriate uses for stud shooter triggers in a build: trash!

Now I just want to see the dianoga creep out of the floating trash and grab Luke’s leg.

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