Fragile beauty of the Arctic circle

Thanks to the enormous diversity of LEGO pieces it’s increasingly easier to design and assemble sturdy and robust models. But sometimes the things that inspire us are way more fragile and vulnerable than we can imagine. Chinese builder vincentkiew builds a gorgeous polar bear. Placed on a tiny piece of ice in the Arctic waters, the bear embodies the unique part of the global ecosystem, which is being damaged by humans especially hard. For me, this simple composition works great as yet another reminder that if we don’t change, LEGO fans soon won’t need a lot of bricks and plates in white to depict the dying beauty of the extreme North.

The Beauty Of Arctic Circle.

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  1. Mike Lilly

    It should be noted that in other countries with significant polar bear populations, including Norway and Russia, polar bear populations are increasing. On Norway’s Svalbard Island, for instance, the Norwegian Polar Institute reported a 42% increase from 2004 to 2015. Russia also reports increases.

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