Wealthiest Disney character of all time

Despite his namesake, Scrooge McDuck is a cool and adventurous dude and one of my favorites from the 80s Duck Tales Adventures. It’s nice to see him come alive and reproduced beautifully in brick form. This build not only features the wealthy duck, but is also rich in Nice Parts Usages (NPUs). You’ve got to love how Koen Zwanenburg used the magnifying glasses for the pince-nez, and the bucket handles for his belt buckle. Most appropriately perhaps, parts of the treasure chest are made of gold ingot elements.

Uncle Scrooge

3 comments on “Wealthiest Disney character of all time

  1. elfworld

    That’s an awesome build! If you liked Duck Tales, you should check out the stories they are (at times loosely) based on. They are written and drawn by Carl Barks. Greatest American story teller ever. He invented Scrooge McDuck, Gyro Gearloose, The Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell and a host of other Disney characters.

  2. Sumochemist

    It should be noted that this particular Scrooge McDuck, since he is wearing a red coat, is from the the 2017 reboot of the Duck Tales franchise, not from the 80s series whose Scrooge wore blue (as seen in the Disney Series 2 Minifigure Collection).

  3. Håkan

    I think he regularly wore red in the comics, although sometimes it varies a bit from country to country…

    (It seems USA, Denmark and the Netherlands have preferred red, while Italy and France went with blue, at least in the past. Occasionally, there’s even been other colors.)

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