A series of familiar scenes from Vietnam

Writers are often taught to write what they know, to create from a place of familiarity. This simple technique can also apply to building LEGO scenes depicting everyday life, like this delightful series by Khang Huynh, who, judging by their Flickr profile, is fairly new to building custom LEGO creations. They’re off to a great start, and I’ll be keeping a close eye out for more from this talented builder.

In this first scene, built using a colorful but muted palette, we see a city street being worked on by a most unusually colored excavator. Also, notice the teal brick separator tool stacked on the roof. I really like how the look of the separators is continued around the corner. Another great detail is the use of a Power Functions motor as a transformer.

Familiar #5

Next, we see a graffiti artist wrapping up his latest creation. One of my favorite parts is the creature leg used on the roof as a bare tree branch. Also, there’s a fence in the foreground made from tread parts.

Familiar #4 - Graffiti hood

This scene depicting a railroad crossing is full of small details that look like they could be right out of a photograph, like the helpful rail employee ensuring the safety of the folks waiting for the train to pass, and the various utility poles and railroad crossing equipment.

Familiar #3 - Trạm gác tàu

The brightly colored flowers along this crowded canal and the simple but colorful boats stand out in this scene. I love the fence in the background made from a part usually found along the sides of trucks.

Chợ bông bến BÌnh Đông 23 Tết

This scene depicting a neglected building with a shuttered shop could pass as a post-apocalyptic scene if the people didn’t seem so happy and friendly. Muted vegetation helps to set the mood as well.

Familiar #1

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  1. Eugene

    Nice find, thank you for highlighting the builder.

    Did you mean Power functions battery box rather than motor?

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