LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 19 revealed [News]

The 19th series of LEGO Collectible Minifigures has been revealed, thanks to German retailer jb-spielwaren. Get ready for adventures in space, in the bathroom, and also online. The new 16 minifigures bring a ton of new accessories, including a rubber duck in green and a gamepad tile. The series goes on sale later this month. Check out the gallery in our post and let us know which character is your number one pick.

23 comments on “LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 19 revealed [News]

  1. Jon Hall

    Finally, some non-licensed collectable minifigs! There’s a few here I really like. At least the cyclist should be easy to feel for!

  2. Dario2739

    Some great figures there, nice to have a regular CMF set… I would have liked short/sock combos in different colours though – the tennis player and footballer in previous series had white shorts/socks, and we had red with the boxer.

  3. Paulo Sequeira

    Is the Bag with Handle for the Fox Lady in Tan/Dark Tan? That would be a nice recolor for the part and the second one this year after the Reddish Brown from the Disney series.

  4. Doug

    Love the series. I was thinking maybe the mummy is wearing a gold mask and that’s not her actual face. The package shows a monster face for her. Exciting.

    That Care Bear is so weird. It’s such an obvious take on the Care Bears but it’s not a Care Bear. So weird!

  5. Håkan

    Hmm, I wonder why they decided on releasing a rugby player (although they didn’t want to spend the moolahs for a proper scrum cap mold). In Lego’s core markets, it only seems to be a sport that’s popular in UK and France. And for regular CMF, there still hasn’t been any release of a basketballer, golfer and horseback rider, choices which I would find more likely. (Then there are also sports and recreations like recreational jogging, which however might lack any real iconic look.)

    As for the shower guy, in the BAM bins at my local Lego store, I recently found a pair of boxer shorts legs, as for the forest criminal, but with minifig head prints instead of paw prints. I wonder if there’d be a connection, or if the print is another of the specialized BAM prints.

  6. Johnny Johnson

    Really interested in seeing what their alternate faces are (And also just what the faces are, for the bear and the bounty hunter).

  7. Håkan

    As noted elsewhere, this series contains a high proportion of female minifigs, including

    Dog Walker, Fox Girl, Coder Girl, Mountain Biker, Mummy, Firefighter and Pet Owner. I’d also argue that the eyes of the Black Knight look quite feminine. Rainbow Bear and Intergalactic Bounty Hunter are unknown. That would leave something like 7 or 8 minifigs out of 16 being female, about fifty percent of the released minifigs.

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