Set sail amongst the clouds

It’s a Sky Pirate’s worst nightmare when The Valvalevidan hoves into view. AdNorrel‘s massive steampunk flying vessel is a wonderful LEGO creation — beautifully detailed, and packed with functional-looking elements. The overall shape carries a faint whiff of Jabba’s Sail Barge from Return Of The Jedi, but that’s no bad thing. I love the touches of gold and the striped sails, and those lanterns on the raised rear deck are excellent.

LEGO Steampunk Airship

The airship is 80 studs in length, making for a formidable construction project which took 9 months to put together. However, all that space is put to great use with some fabulous details. Here’s a close-up view of the impressive motors which keep the ship moving when the wind drops…

LEGO Steampunk Flying Machine

And naturally, an airship this big should be hefting some serious firepower. The model doesn’t disappoint, with the beefy cannon on the foredeck giving the vessel plenty of punch…

LEGO Steampunk Flying Machine

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  1. Michael Emminger

    I used to flip out about airships but it’s hard to get excited about them after I’ve seen a few hundred and built half-a-dozen. I also dislike brick-sails because they tend to spoil the illusion but AdNorrel did some great work sculpting them so they appear full and at least somewhat flexible. I wasn’t a big fan of the shape of the hull after seeing so many sleeker ships. I do sort of love that it’s not all steampunked out, that elements are subdued and dwarfed by the wood and brass of the ship. I’m also blown away by the little details of the ship. AdNorrel’s eye to little functions of the ship is beautiful from the deck lanterns to the ruffled bed in the captain’s cabin.

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