A village with a bit of everything

Oftentimes castle builds focus on the impenetrable keep with its solid grey walls, or else they depict a single building, like an inn or a blacksmith shop. Then there are the occasional massive dioramas that have everything, but also require five tables to display and several vans to haul. In a comfortable middle place, Peter Ilmrud brings us a charming village with enough shops to be believable and a footprint that is reasonable. There is a blacksmith, an armorer, a baker, a cheesemaker, stables, a cooper, and even a mage-astronomer’s tower. Add in some nice trees and architectural details around Wyvernstone Village, and this makes for a fine build that does not even take up all of one table.

Wyvernstone Village

There are details abounding in the village, too. I love the different peoples wandering the streets, too, with fauns, minotaurs, elves, dwarves, and humans strolling about, browsing the shops and listening to the tales of the storyteller.

Villagers in Wyvernstone

Fresh off using carrots for a roof, Peter brings us another unique roof using ice-cream cones.

Houses in Wyvernstone

Several other roof techniques keep things from being repetitive, with tried-and-true classics like cheese slopes and 1×2 tiles. His use of the cheese slopes is different from most, however, with the offset rows, giving the very effective impression of overlapping shingles.

Houses in Wyvernstone

My favorite part, though, is the way the farrier is shown shoeing a horse, holding a horseshoe in his hand; except that it is in fact a wrench cleverly positioned.

Ferrier in Wyvernstone

I think I would like to visit this village myself, especially the cheese shop. I do love cheese. It is especially fitting that the roof of the cheese shop is the one utilizing the cheese slope shingles. Coincidence? Perhaps.