B.B. Kong – King of the concrete jungle

Marco De Bon has graced our pages with his LEGO mech’s many times but with his new Mecha Beast “B.B. Kong”, he’s approached them from a whole new slant. Most, if not all of his mechs, are completely armored, meaning all mechanisms are hidden. B.B. Kong, on the other hand, is full of exposed piping and other greebly goodness.

Lego Mecha Beast "B. B. Kong"

At first glance, I thought the base colour was dark bluish grey, with highlights of tan. However, after seeing it from all angles, I find my assumptions wrong. The heavily armoured rear quarters, along with the feet, front shins and head are all predominantly built in tan. This leaves only the joints and well-stocked artillery in a combination of greys. I find something about this colour composition interesting. With such a blunt and imposing perspective from front on, crossing its path does not seem like an option.

Lego Mecha Beast "B. B. Kong"

De Bon’s use of the curved arch mudguard piece in the front shins, is exemplary. It not only gives room for the points of articulation, but it also seems to soften the limbs without losing its foreboding stance. The tiny splashes of orange are a nice touch against the tan and do a good job of breaking up the somewhat brutalist colour scheme. In the end though, it’s the flexible pieces for me, i.e. whip and soft axle, that bring this excellent MOC to life.

Lego Mecha Beast "B. B. Kong"

If quadruped robots aren’t quite your thing, come and take a look at some of Marco De Bon’s bipeds.

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