Chugging around the bend

I have a soft spot for collaborative LEGO train displays because they played a fundamental role in inspiring me to “build outside the box.” Because of this, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw Steffen Rau’s layout module. I love the curves of the track, mountainside tunnels, and wooded landscaping. It feels like a wonderful place to explore, especially with dozens of minifigures enjoying various camping activities.

Turning loop module 1

Because of the level of detail involved, Rau’s module is a model worth a closer look. The sculpting of the terrain is worth noting, especially the craggy rockwork emerging from the greenery. The rocks are further enhanced by patches of leaves, flowers, vines, and a quaint, meandering waterfall.

Tunnel Portal

The top of the mountain features a classic lookout tower, perfect for trainspotting.


Artist Bob Ross is among the happy campers, seen here painting a happy landscape.

famous painter

The lake is filled with enthusiastic swimmers.

playing bathers

Hikers wind through narrow trails.

hiking parents

And lumberjacks break for for lunch.

hungry woodcutters

What are some of your favorite details?

lost hiker