This Jem concert is truly, truly, truly outrageous!

You can feel the Synergy emanating from this bright and cheerful Jem set by Samuel Hatmaker. You may remember him as the creator of the popular Golden Girls project on LEGO Ideas (It reached 10,000 supporters but failed to pass the review). This time, he has built a complete playset that includes four separate pieces capturing all the glamour, glitter, fashion and fame of the 80’s hit cartoon, Jem & the Holograms.

Jem is truly outrageous!

Jem, Aja, Kimber, and Shana are ready to rock on their very own stage with rotating platforms for each character and enough speakers to blow the roof off. The pink translucent bricks make a terrific backdrop. The band’s signature vehicle, The Starlight Roadster, is a standout in the collection with its dark pink and yellow color scheme. I love the use of the dark pink 4x4x13 curved panel pieces for the front fenders. The shape of them is perfect for this vintage style car.

You can’t have heroes without villains so enter Jem’s rival band, the Misfits. Look to the right, and Pizzazz, Roxy and Stormer have their own smaller, slightly less fabulous stage. On the left, we have Synergy, Jem’s holographic friend and mentor who imbues Jerrica Benton’s magic earrings with the power to turn her into the fabulous Jem. She’s shown here with her funky keyboards and augmented with some wonderful custom sticker work.

If you would like to see this truly outrageous build in person, you can check it out at Brickworld Chicago.