One little piece makes for an epic scene

What’s not to love in this epic battle scene by Revan New? From the clone and droid figures, the archway above, or to the sunset lighting, this creation is full of action. My favorite bit is the Jedi figure flying over the gap as he readies to cut down Separatist droids. Using the grey hose part for the jumping special effect truly helped capture the intensity of the moment.

Battle of Cato Neimoidia

2 comments on “One little piece makes for an epic scene

  1. Purple Dave

    That appears to be a broken railing. You can see two intact railings on either side of the display. The railing in the left foreground tilts down where the walkway has collapsed, and though it’s obscured by a pair of Clone Troopers, it appears the rail in the left background tilts up.

    Without clarification from the creator, it’s possible that the Jedi is just making a really long leap and the railing was angled like that to make a convenient anchor for the minifig, but in effect it looks more like he’s just jumped from the intact walkway to the tip of the railing before making the final leap to the other side of the gap.

    Frankly, from the thumbnail I thought it was actually a clear bar. With the way that’s backlit, clear bars take on a fairly opaque look, which may be while the creator chose to go this route instead.

  2. HÃ¥kan

    I kinda figured those hoses would be available in transparent, as well. Would perhaps have looked more natural.

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