Where to eat in Ninjago City

Feeling hungry while touring Ninjago City? Be sure to visit one of MyOwnLegoCreations‘ six fantastic food carts! Come with me as we visit the wide variety of tasty treats on offer. Our tour begins at a sushi cart in a red and gold theme brimming with maki. The look is completed by two lanterns sporting gold tassels and the menu tile from the Ninjago City Set. Don’t forget the wasabi!

If you want to make your own sushi at home, this is the place for you! Fresh fish and crabs abound for a real seafood feast. The blue color scheme conjures thoughts of the sea and I love the use of clear cheese slopes to help keep those crabs on ice.

Time to cleanse our palate of all that fish before moving on. Get your daily intake of Vitamin C from this fruit cart serving bananas, cherries, and pineapple. The bright green leaves on top make a perfect beacon for those in need of delectable produce.

Now that we’ve had our fruit, let’s try some stir-fried vegetables. The chef is prepared with pots and pans, a cleaver, and plates. Grab your utensils from the pouch in front and enjoy your meal. Of note here is the clever use of the Final Flight of Destiny’s Bounty sail as a shade for the top.

We’re going to need some energy to finish our tour, so it’s time for a coffee break. Grab yourself an espresso and perhaps a pastry or two from this fanciful cart. The balloon pieces really make this one stand out on the crowded streets.

After all that food, it’s time for dessert! This cart serves up delectable milkshakes in cherry, chocolate, or vanilla. The milk cartons on board are a nice touch along with the milkshake machine. The color scheme in various blues evokes the chilly frozen treats for sale. Drink up!

This concludes our tour our of the many fabulous food carts of Ninjago City. Have a delicious day!