Be the belle of your next Beltane

Next on The Brothers Brick runway is the fabulous Ayfoal, who is a druid from Brickenshire. Her fashion designer is none other than builder Letranger Absurde. She is adorned with a sassy buckskin midriff-baring two-piece number that is all the rage in the druid community right now. The ragged green trim of her ankle-length skirt brings her closer to nature while her gloves protect her from getting a little too in-touch with the elements.

The Druid v2

Leafy ornaments tastefully accent her armbands and choker, while her low-slung belt holds just the right secret manna potions for a night on the glen. The hip pouch is just a bit wood sprite, just a tad forest elf and oh-so-impishly dazzling! A daring little cow skull adorns her belt, which is trending among the Celtic set at the moment. Her buckskin boots were quite literally made for sashaying along the countryside. While her charmed staff lets us all know who is in charge around here, her little smile exudes confidence and says, I’m willing to play, but only if you’re nice. What a ravishing build!

5 comments on “Be the belle of your next Beltane

  1. Håkan

    I’m a Little bit confused about her stomach. There are few visible gaps, and it looks to be constructed around a single large part, which I have trouble identifying.

  2. Håkan


    Yeah, it might be a simpler explanation, although it’s strange that the editing was done so selectively.

  3. L'etranger Absurde

    The reason for the edit is that I almost dropped it while taking the pictures and I pushed the parts in that area when I grabbed it. Was too lazy to take it apart and put the parts properly.

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