LEGO reveals newest Architecture set, 21045 Trafalgar Square [News]

The next LEGO Architecture set has been revealed as 21045 Trafalgar Square. The set features London’s National Gallery, Nelson’s column, several micro-lion statues and fountains, as well as a few double-decker buses. The set will likely be available starting in May, though piece count and price are still unknown at this point. (We will update this article as we find out more.)

LEGO revealed the set by publishing an event on Facebook, where lucky fans can get their hands on the set early and signed by LEGO designer, Rok Zgalin Kobe. The event will happen at the Leicester Square LEGO Store in London on April 27th.Trafalgar Square

3 comments on “LEGO reveals newest Architecture set, 21045 Trafalgar Square [News]

  1. Brian H.

    Looks Solid. I would say close to 1000 pieces. Buckingham Palace is just shy of 800 and this looks ALOT more detailed but same foot print. Wish we got another 1 or 2 releases a year. Trickle down to 2 skylines and 2 individuals last couple years. At least they have upped the quality of the microscale significantly. Loved Lady Liberty.

  2. Bob

    Looks good! Wondering how the stairs are made.It does not look like a tile by looking at the thickness of each step. New parts?

  3. Jack

    Bob, the steps on the right seem to be a stack of Panel 1x2x1 (4865). The top step can be held in place using SNOT and the bottom one sitting on a tile. The main steps could be Panel 1x4x1 (30413) with the same technique.

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