Visit Rome, where ghosts of gladiators roam

While Rome wasn’t built in a day, Kevin J. Walter probably built the Collesseum in a few hours. Made in the style and charm of the LEGO Architecture series. What made particular design possible is the new Arch 1 x 2 Jumper element to construct the arched columns in an accurate manner at this scale.

Admire the build from a few other impressive angles.

Amphitheatrum Flavium - Colosseum

Amphitheatrum Flavium - Colosseum

2 comments on “Visit Rome, where ghosts of gladiators roam

  1. Sumochemist

    I have been waiting for the LEGO Architecture series to produce a model of the Colosseum, and this is exactly what I’ve been hoping for. Massive kudos to the inventor, whom I implore to submit this model to Lego Ideas.

  2. Kevin J. Walter

    Thank you for blogging my creation. The picture below isn’t a render, it is just edited with photoshop – as you can recognize by the printed “Colosseum” tile I included.

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