A collection of micro city blocks

One of the great things about building with LEGO, is the many different scales which are open to you. Your creations can be built for standard minifigs to live and work, or you can populate your building and vehicles with larger brick-built inhabitants. Or, you can build at a much smaller scale, where the people are only in your imagination. This microscale encourages builders to think about their collection in a different way. LEGO builder Christian Benito has been flexing his micoscale building muscles in a series of city blocks.

In this block, Christian is trying out a few techniques for trees, and I rather like the simple structure of those lime-green trees made from sandwiching 1×1 round plates between 2×2 round plates. The dormer windows are also a nice touch. For the backyard, Christion used a clever way to get more visual interest by alternating 1×1 tiles.

Mismatched Houses (back)

Christian is using the Micropolis building standard first published by the Midwestern LEGO club TwinLUG, which helps builders design city blocks that can come together to form a larger community. In this next city block, Christian continues his arboreal experiments, this time using 1×1 clips, which creates an interesting texture.

Blue Houses (front)

If you prefer more modern styles of architecture, here is a stylish house with an eco-conscious roof insulated by turf.

Tumble House (front)