Happy 61st International LEGO Day from The Brothers Brick! [News]

Sixty-one years ago today on January 28, 1958 Godtfred Kirk Christiansen submitted a patent application for a toy building brick which was approved six months later. Little did Godtfred know that his “highly sophisticated inter-locking brick system” would lead to LEGO becoming one of the largest toy companies on the globe.

So let’s celebrate our love of LEGO today however we can, by building a new set or seeing what LEGO was doing the decade we were born. Sort some parts, create something new and amazing, or re-build that one set you loved as a kid. Play well, everyone.

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  1. Dave Schefcik Post author

    It was submitted on Jan. 28th (at at 1:58 pm, fun fact) and approved six months later on July 28th.

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