TBB cover photo for January 2019: Captain on the Bridge!

A new year brings us a (belated) new cover photo for The Brothers Brick’s social media channels. This month’s cover photo by Finn Roberts takes us high above the earth, to the interior of a spacecraft preparing to depart our planet’s orbit.

This scene is also built to fit the interior dimensions of an inflatable habitat module that Finn featured in a previous LEGO model, alongside a fantastic spacecraft used to assemble an interplanetary cruiser under construction. We can’t wait to see what the finished cruiser looks like!

Reaching Out

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3 comments on “TBB cover photo for January 2019: Captain on the Bridge!

  1. Rob

    You realize this is a render, right? It’s a great shot and design, no question. Just don’t know how I feel about a tender being the photo of the month.

  2. Kyrie Auris

    Kind of tired of this pseudo-stigma against renders I keep seeing around here. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    If it’s a great model with great presentation, I say let it fly. There’s a lot of hypothetical arguments one could make, but at the end of day, we’re just having fun making cool pictures.

  3. Rob

    When you feature a render as a photo of the month, basically you’re saying, “you don’t need bricks anymore.” It’s a big distinction. There is something to be said about using physical bricks– a lot to be said, in my opinion. I wouldn’t get to be featured on the front page of an antique car collector’s website just because I made a render of an antique car. Effort in the physical world still matters a lot.

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