Snow’s up, dude!

“Dashing through the snow, on a rocket powered board. O’er the slopes he’ll go, with his elven horde. Jingle build! Jingle build! Jingle all the way! LEGO 7‘s clever Santa makes us shout ‘Hooray!'”

With the singing out of the way, I love this unconventional portrayal of old Saint Nick. Santa’s pose captures the spirit of snowboarding, right down to the jumper plate representing his mouth shouting “woo!” His white beard flowing in the wind conveys a sense of speed.

Santa Snowboard Test

Hidden underneath the snow-covered hillside is a workshop for Santa’s elves. They are hard at work while Santa’s having all the fun.

Santa Snowboard Test

The elves’ humble workshop may be tiny, but is cute and packed with plenty of detail.

Santa Snowboard Test

1 comment on “Snow’s up, dude!

  1. HÃ¥kan

    The elves are rather hardly working, than hard at work. It looks like they’re having a chilling (no pun intended) after-ski session.

    Also, by the look of their mischievous appearance, they might have snagged a few of the workshop’s Christmas gifts to themselves…

    (Not sure if I already posted this, or just thought about it…)

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