Let your fingers do the counting

If you blink or scroll a little too fast, you may just miss that these items are made of LEGO. Marco Gan reminisces about his younger days when his father did his daily ledger work using an abacus and a Chinese ledger. The writing on the ledger follows actual records he made. The beads of the abacus are built with, yes, you guessed it, LEGO tyres. The gold finishing gives it an authentic touch of antiquity, leaving us in awe about how much we’ve advanced since the days when these were the essential tools of a merchant. Of course, some older folks today still claim that they can calculate faster using an abacus than you can on a digital calculator…

Traditional Chinese Ledger and abacus

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  1. Håkan

    I heard that statement about an abacus being faster than a modern computer, before. Apparently, for accustomed users and up to rather large numbers, the scrolling of beads is a faster input method than typing.

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