Futurama BrickHeadz: Bender is great

Last month Palixa and the Bricks brought us a fantastic take on Futurama’s supporting cast in the BrickHeadz style. This time around, again working with her husband, she’s completed a second wave of models, depicting the TV show’s main cast in the same exquisite fashion.

Futurama II

As before they expertly marry Matt Groening’s graphic style with the LEGO BrickHeadz formula. I particularly enjoy the way Professor Farnsworth’s unique cranium has been modelled, and its use of inset 1×1 tan cheese slopes for ears.

Futurama II - Professor Farnsworth

Leela’s purple hair is magnificently coiffured too; and small details like the misaligned 2×1 white tiles on her vest, which suggest her chest, help define the model.

Futurama II - Turanga Leela

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