LEGO auctions on Catawiki include a 100,000-brick Italian tower, vintage 1950’s LEGO, and rare Technic sets [News]

Catawiki is an auction website that focuses on rare and interesting items, and they’ve been featuring unique LEGO lots for several years. Unlike eBay, Catawiki’s lots are curated, with LEGO experts on staff who work with sellers to ensure the lots are interesting and have detailed information.

One of the most unique LEGO auctions I’ve seen in a while is happening this week, with a custom LEGO version of the Bell Tower of Florence built from over a hundred thousand bricks! Built by Luca Petraglia over the course of more than three years, the tower stands 3 meters (nearly 10 feet) tall.

Luca has displayed his tower at LEGO conventions such as the LEGO Fan Weekend in Skærbæk, Denmark. You can get a better sense of the tower’s massive scale with the builder standing next to it.

Catawiki also has a number of other interesting LEGO-related auctions this week, including some 1950’s vintage LEGO.

The Esso Filling Station (310) was released in 1958. This auction features a copy of the set that’s 100% complete, including the box and internal tray.

Only 20,000 copies of the Exclusive Edition of the 4×4 Crawler (41999) were produced by LEGO in 2013. This auction features a copy of the set in a sealed box.

Catawiki is a new sponsor of The Brothers Brick, and a portion of any proceeds from these auctions goes to support TBB and the work we do in the LEGO fan community.