Last day for LEGO Forma pre-orders on Indiegogo [News]

Today is the last day to support LEGO Forma, the new experimental product line featuring kinetic sculptures of fish. The only remaining set available for pre-order on Indiegogo (at the time of publishing) is the UK-only base pack featuring a koi fish. The sets should ship at the beginning of next year.

LEGO Forma was announced as a limited short-batch pilot program designed to target LEGO early adopters and determine if there is a market for unique products that don’t lend themselves to other product lines. While it appears the LEGO Forma launch was successful with many perks selling out, the initial amounts of available perks appear to have been reduced in order to show them being “sold out” by the end of the crowdfunding period. It remains to be seen if LEGO considers the effort a success or if the Forma product line will see a general release.

The Brothers Brick will bring you a review of LEGO Forma when it ships, but until then, check out this reverse-engineered version by Jason Allemann (aka JK Brickworks) built completely out of LEGO bricks rather than using metallic skins.

1 comment on “Last day for LEGO Forma pre-orders on Indiegogo [News]

  1. Purple Dave

    When they say “foil”, I don’t think they mean to imply that it’s in any way metallic. A lot of their terminology makes no sense to people who speak English as a native language, and I believe they refer to any thin plastic sheet as foil, like the wings they used for Space Batman, Hawkman/Hawkgirl, and the Parademons. One of the comment replies on the Indiegogo page mentions that the skins are “PP foil”, which probably means it’s just basic polypropylene sheet that’s extruded so thin that it becomes very flexible.

    In any event, they shared PDF files for both a Koi and Shark skin, so you can color them any way you want, get them laminated for stiffness and protection, and just trim them by hand. It’s certainly no less legitimate than using cardboard and foam to build the backgrounds for your “LEGO photos”, wouldn’t you agree?

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