Win tickets to the BrickCon 2018 Public Exhibition in Seattle [Giveaway]

BrickCon 2018 in Seattle is about two weeks away, and we are giving away tickets to the public exhibition! Come see the amazing LEGO creations that builders from all around the world have brought to BrickCon. (You may even see some of your favorite writers from The Brothers Brick roaming around in our bright green shirts or hanging around the massive Ninjago City we are building!)

The BrickCon 2018 Public Exhibition is open Saturday Oct. 6 and Sunday Oct. 7 from 10am to 4pm, located at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. You can get your tickets online now, but they will sell out soon.

The Brothers Brick is giving away three family packs of four tickets each, good for entry on either Saturday or Sunday at any time. The contest runs from today for a week until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, Sep. 26. Leave a comment below about what you are most excited to see at BrickCon 2018 to enter.

We’ll randomly select three entries Thursday morning and then notify the winners. Winners will be able to pick up their tickets at the will call window at the BrickCon Exhibition Hall beginning Saturday morning when the exhibition opens to the public.

The Brothers Brick is an official sponsor of BrickCon.

83 comments on “Win tickets to the BrickCon 2018 Public Exhibition in Seattle [Giveaway]

  1. Karyn Ramey

    We talk about this event all year, just waiting to see what crazy idea’s folks come up with. Love this show!

  2. Skyler Farmer

    I have yet to make it to a BrickCon so I’m excited to just experience the mazaing creativity and ingenuity of the creators.

  3. Sky

    I’m really excited to see the Ninjago collaboration and all the last amazing creations in the exhibition :)

  4. Fraser Ratzlaff

    I am pumped to see the Lego Ninjago City colab by TBB! Also excited for Castle, City, and SPACE! Every year there is always one or two or three creations that just blow my mind. They are SO GOOD, the quality is so high, and the creativity is amazing. So excited for BrickCon 2018!

  5. Michael Forrey

    A local builder is bringing a pretty epic “Advent Calendar” from what I hear. I’m excited to see it in action!

    Also looking forward to the GBC setup along with TBB Ninjago Collaboration!

  6. Michael Forrey

    I recently was talking with a local builder who is planning on displaying a pretty epic “Advent Calendar” complete with LED lit rooms. The glimpse I caught of it was incredible! I can’t wait to see the full model!

    I’m also pumped to see the GBC setup and TBB Ninjago Collaboration!

  7. Braia Benjamin

    I’m most excited to see the look on my son’s face as he takes it all in!

    This is easily in his top three events of the year!

  8. Ken Yu

    My sons exticed to see everything in this event. Myself as well. I hope I win so I can bring my boys to the event again. Thank you

  9. Robyn Wyatt

    Never been to BrickCon, excited to see anything related to Star Wars or Marvel. Mostly excited to see my 6 year old’s reaction to all the amazing builds.

  10. Tonya Smith

    My son and I love the Lego expo. I loved the Space Needle. My son loves all the moving displays. We try to go for an early Birthday celebration. His birthday is October 22nd. I would love to win 2 tickets so we are able to make special memories together again. Thank you.

  11. Gerold Folk Haddock

    Im so excited to go to bick con for the 2nd time. I grew up loving legos and saw aome of the coolest creations 2 years ago

  12. Steffenie Evans

    I’m excited to see the look on my son’s face when he goes to Brick Con for the first time – he’s going to love it!


    Can’t wait to see my son’s face when we walk in. He’s been obsessed with Legos for about 4 years now and is making some cool creations himself.

  14. Amber Mozingo

    My son and I just moved here and are soooo wanting to go and check this out. He has LOVED Legos for years and I know everything will BLOW HIM AWAY!!

  15. Scott McAbee

    This looks sooooo much fun and my son asks to go every year and we have yet to make it, he is a LEGO head and loves building then tearing them down and creating new things, This would be his Disneyland.

  16. Sawan Deswal

    Looking forward to see the excitement and enthusiasm on my kid’s (12 and 6) faces when they find out that they got free tickets to BrickCon this year!

  17. Irene Beckman

    Great day to spend time with our family. Want to see the awesome brick buildings and how advanced they have become.

  18. Jeannie Leon

    I’m really excited . We have at home a little master on Legos. He will be fascinating to see this amazing event.
    J. Leon

  19. Harmit Malik

    I am amazed both by the patience behind some of these Lego masterpieces as well as by the obvious pride of their creators presenting them. My favorite highlight was meeting a shy 11 year old whose shyness disappeared as he told us about his (Star Wars) masterpiece and that it took him several months to finish. He was obviously proud and happy to be surrounded by other Lego-geeks

  20. Chandler J Summit

    I’m excited to see all the new custom minifig prints as well as custom weapons and bricks. They are perfect for my personal MOCs. I also love getting the $20 mystery box each year and seeing what I get inside. I don’t know if they still have those, but I hope there is something similar to it there.

  21. curse

    My son loves the train layouts and looking through the minifigs for sale. Last year he wanted older Ninjago figures, this year I think he’s looking for Lego Star Wars figures from around 2009 – 2010…

  22. Dave Schefcik Post author

    Thanks for all the comments! This giveaway is now closed. We will contact the winners directly, but we hope you all come to BrickCon no matter what. It is well worth it for all the reasons you listed above!

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