Do you live to eat, or eat to live?

In modern times, “eating good food” has become a hobby of sorts around the world. There are hotspots for foodies to relish in simple and local food sold on the streets or pushcarts, just like this huge LEGO scene from Malaysia depicting such a location, where food lovers hang out and where a few dollars can go a long long way.

Muar Avenue 4 Brick Street

This build is a collaborative effort by members of SynergyLUG Malaysia, led by Bruce Lee, along with a large team which includes Junious Tan, Chua Chee Yan, Marco Gan, Tommy Tong, Michael Choy, Zi Quan, Foo Wen Yao, Leroy Pang, Vincent Kiew, Cheng Heng Ching, Wong Chee Keong, Zac Wong, Daphne GanJack Tan and Terry Lai.

Muar Avenue 4 Brick Street

This is actually a real-life street location in the city of Muar, in Johor, Malaysia. It’s well known as a place for foodies by the local folks, who call it Avenue 4. However, it’s not only patronised by locals but a popular destination for tourists and visitors. There’s a total of ten traditional-style shops and over 30 street stalls (push carts) out front.

Muar Avenue 4 Brick Street

The build took almost 6 months. The team’s research included more than 200 photos by Marco Gan surveying the landscape, covering all angles of the location for the builders to have references to work with. Using a total of around 20,000 bricks and featuring great detailing, the effort is well worth it. Now it’s time for the team to take a break, perhaps with a visit to Avenue 4 for a well-deserved dinner celebration.

Muar Avenue 4 Brick Street

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  1. Håkan

    Seems that light lemon color of the original avenue was dropped. Maybe Cool Yellow was too expensive, or it would have looked bit garish…

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