Bricks for Glory I: so you want to build a hero

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, Sierra was one of the biggest names in PC gaming, and high-quality adventure games were one of their specialties. One of their most beloved franchises was the Quest for Glory series, developed by Lori Ann and Corey Cole. Of the five games in the series, Letranger Absurde chose to recreate the opening scene of Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero. As the hero enters the picturesque town of Spielberg for the first time, he is greeted by Sheriff Schultz Meistersson and his massive right-hand-man, Otto Von Goon. Going by the colors used, Letranger appears to have based his representation on the VGA remake. He makes a great use of various angles to form the buildings in front of the town square, and forced perspective is cleverly used to suggest there is another area to explore. The characters are instantly recognizable, including a brick-built version of Otto pulling off a yo-yo trick like he often does in the game.

Quest for Glory

3 comments on “Bricks for Glory I: so you want to build a hero

  1. Matt

    Ohhhhh i miss sierra so much, and especially this game. Big chunk of my childhood. I loved the nighttime thieving and dagger throwing. Great jokes in there too.

  2. John Zoltak

    most of their big games are on Steam/GOG, no reason not to relive it. They’ve aged well.

  3. nmheckel

    This just got shared to the QFG Facebook page, and you’ve made a bunch of us hop with joy. Like John said, the games are all up on Steam and GOG (they’re on sale this week), and the Coles’ newest addition, Hero-U, is available on both as well. I’d LOVE to see a brick version of the Hero-U Great Hall or Hall of Heroes–that would be pretty awesome.

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