Are you worthy of gazing upon the mighty Talos?

Worthy or not, you definitely should gaze upon Andrew Steele‘s Talos (and guards), because they are amazing creations. The builder doesn’t provide much explanation as to who they are — besides, perhaps, the character from Greek mythology — but we can imagine Talos being an evil overlord, judging by his skull-decorated throne. The figures are impressive on their own, but setting them in a bit of scenery, even if minimalistic, brings the build to the next level.

Talos & Guards-2

The figures already look great at first glance, but they are much larger and hiding more details than they seem to at first glance. This is especially impressive in Bionicle builds, as specialized parts and ball joints do not lend themselves as readily to drastically larger creations. The builder did not shy away from specialized figure-building parts though. As you can see, shin guards are used as Talos’ shoulder pads and the crown front, and breastplates are used as armour elements on his legs and waist. The head is carefully sculpted from a mix of System and Bionicle elements to give a sinister and menacing look.

Talos & Guards-5

The guards are no less impressive than their lord, and perhaps even more so when looking at them more closely. The Anubis-like jackal-headed humanoid figures are appropriate guards to the royal and mysterious Talos, and the choices for their colours and the background help them stay out of sight so we can focus on the big boss. And there are no photography or digital editing tricks used; Andrew has built two identical guards. Duplicate builds are always fun to see, but are even more impressive at this scale.

Talos & Guards-14

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