War of the ‘micro’ worlds

Although Sad Brick’s War of the Worlds diorama occupies a tiny base plate, it still packs in some serious detail and a sense of scale completely at odds with its diminutive size. It’s one of the perpetual ironies of LEGO building, that working small creates some of the best representations of physically huge vistas.

War of the Worlds

A few rotated and misaligned transparent cheese slopes become a broiling ocean, unbelievably hot dog sausages are reimagined as the suspension arches on the Golden Gate Bridge – a design adapted from builder Li Li’s brick-topper badge for Bricks by the Bay 2017 – and a minidoll syringe doubles as a submarine periscope Alcatraz Island’s watchtower. Setting the scene for one of the littlest, and best, brick-built aliens I’ve seen, to cause havoc in.

12 comments on “War of the ‘micro’ worlds

  1. David Bacon (@bake1986)

    If that’s the Golden Gate bridge, isn’t that Alkatraz island, not a submarine? Therefore the mini-doll syringe would be the lookout tower.

    Regardless, this build is fantastic. I love the detail on this small scale.

  2. David Smith Post author

    I stand corrected. It seems so obvious when it is pointed out to you. However, just like every classic case of misheard lyrics, you hear what you hear until someone shows you the lyric sheet. I will get the article amended shortly. Thank you internet friends for your help.

  3. Håkan

    That way of constructing an alien seems very Japanese. Those octopus-like aliens seem to be a staple in their pop culture.

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