10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 revealed as next LEGO Creator Expert vehicle, available starting today [News]

The time in London is 10:07 AM, a fitting moment to launch the newest LEGO Creator Expert vehicle: the 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5. The iconic car from Goldfinger includes 1,290 pieces and a multitude of hidden spy features fitting “Bond, James Bond.” The set is available for purchase starting today at $149.99 USD for LEGO VIPs, with general availability beginning August 1.

The Brothers Brick will have complete coverage from the launch event in London and our in-depth review of the set coming later today, but we have all the information, photos, and video you need right here for an early look.

LEGO has released a new Creator Expert vehicle every August since 2014, including last year’s 10258 London Bus. With today’s release, perhaps the continued “British Invasion” of LEGO is more significant than it would first appear. This iconic silver vehicle with chrome details is 007’s super spy car from 1964’s Goldfinger, the third film in the James Bond series and the first featuring the Aston Martin DB5.

The LEGO set comes with many features befitting the top spy of the British Secret Service, including rotating license plates, tire slashers, mounted machine guns and even a working ejector seat (perhaps Q had something to do with cramming all the functionality into this set). Sadly it does not come with a James Bond minifigure, though understandably so as he wouldn’t be scaled correctly to fit in the front seat.

This 360-degree view shows off every angle of the Aston Martin, showcasing its silver highlights in full. At first glance, you aren’t able to tell that the set is full of hidden features, a fact that will surely be the most fun aspect and primary draw of the set.

In comparison to the real Aston Martin, LEGO got most of the detail spot on, save for the seamless curves from front to end, particularly in the rear of the car. The price per piece ($149.99 for 1,290 parts) is a little higher than what we are used to from the Creator Expert line, though this is likely due to the co-branding of the 007 film franchise and the Aston Martin sports car company.

The Aston Martin DB5 is a fine addition to the LEGO Creator Expert line and will grant the “license to build” to young and old alike. Finally, check out this sizzle-reel showcasing all the car’s features in action, complete with that alluring James Bond theme.

The full press release from LEGO is included below along with a detailed photo gallery. The Brothers Brick will bring you hands-on coverage from the London launch event as well as our review of this set later today, so stay tuned.

10262 LEGO® Creator Expert James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5
Ages 16+. 1,290 pieces
US $149.99 – CA $179.99 – DE 149.99€ – UK £129.99 – FR 149.99€ – DK 1399DKK

Uncover the secrets of the Bond… James Bond Aston Martin DB5!

Experience the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 with a wealth of sophisticated details and 007 gadgetry, including rotating license plates, ejector seat, tyre scythes and front wing machine guns.

Get a license to build with the awesome LEGO Creator Expert 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5. This impressive replica model captures the elegance and timeless sophistication of Agent 007’s iconic 1964 sports car, and comes with a wealth of authentic details and functioning gadgetry. Open the doors and you’ll discover a detailed interior with a concealable tracking computer and a door compartment containing a telephone. And when it’s time for action, activate the passenger ejection seat, turn the rotating license plates, raise the rear-window bullet shield, deploy the wheel-mounted tire slashers and pull back the stick shift to reveal the front-wing machine guns. This collectible model car also features a detailed straight-6 engine, drum lacquered silver front and rear bumpers, molded silver-colored wire wheel rim inserts and front and rear Aston Martin logos. The model has been designed to provide a challenging and rewarding building experience full of nostalgia—a must-have for fans of the Aston Martin DB5, James Bond movies and LEGO building sets.

  • Authentic replica of the world-famous 1964 Aston Martin DB5 sports car, featuring a classic design with drum lacquered silver front and rear bumpers, molded silver-colored wire wheel rim inserts, opening trunk, hood and doors, and a wealth of James Bond gadgetry, including a working ejection seat, rotating license plates, rear-window bullet shield, front-wing machine guns and wheel mounted tire slashers.
  • This LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5 model also features opening doors and a detailed interior with a concealable tracking computer and door compartment with telephone.
  • Lift the hood to check out the straight-6 engine detailing.
  • Pull back the rear bumper to eject unwelcome passengers
  • Rotate the license plates, raise the rear-window bullet shield and deploy the wheel-mounted tyre scythes.
  • Pull back the stick shift to reveal the front-wing machine guns.
  • Own this collectible replica of the Aston Martin DB5, as featured in the classic James Bond Goldfinger movie.
  • New-for-August-2018 special elements include a drum-lacquered macaroni connector, 2×4 tile and 1m beam, plus a printed 1×2 tile with grille pattern.
  • Measures over 3” (10cm) high, 13” (34cm) long and 4” (12cm) wide.

Available directly from LEGO Stores & shop.lego.com from 1 August, 2018 with LEGO VIP availability starting July 18.

3 comments on “10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 revealed as next LEGO Creator Expert vehicle, available starting today [News]

  1. Brent S.

    Wow, that is shockingly bad. It looks like a Cold War Soviet attempt at a Porsche instead. This is something that, if you saw it on flickr, would set off 10,000 AFOLs trying to help fix it — well, at least we’ll have the wheels and other parts in the right colors to help in our own builds of it I guess.

  2. David Bedford

    Every time my savings start to add up Lego goes out and gives me another reason to burn some plastic on some plastic. Screw you Lego.com screw you!

  3. Russell Chapman

    When I saw the leaked photos I dismissed them as a hoax – TLG would never release such a poor imitation of an iconic car in the expert line. There are Speed Champions sets with better duplication of the original styling. You could hardly sit this on a shelf beside the Mini, the Caterham, the VW Kombi, or the London Bus.
    Sadly, I know in my heart I will end up buying it anyway – I have no willpower.

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