Boba Fett: The last bounty hunter

You can tell that Nathaniel is a fan of Star Wars just by looking at the way he has lovingly upgraded the recent Boba Fett buildable figure set. Everyone’s favourite Mandalorian looks noticeably filled-out with new anatomical details added in the form of cleverly integrated brick built thighs. A number of other neat touches to his armour provide detail and a samurai twist. I suspect Nathaniel knows his Star Wars lore, specifically George Lucas’s debt to Akira Kurosawa’s epic The Seven Samurai, referencing the connection in the theming of his creation. I have to agree, that the bounty hunter reimagined as samurai warrior, banners flying, Katana in hand, striding across a flower-laden Shogun era meadow, looks amazing.

The Last Boba Fett

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  1. jason lacey

    I. Think you mean Hidden Fortress. Seven Samurai was remade as Magnificent 7 . HF has a Samurai escorting a Princess through enemy territory to warn the Shogun of a revolt, they are accompanied by a pair of Farmers one short and round one tall and skinny that bicker and fight the whole time. That was the inspiration for A New Hope.

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