Run silent, run deep

Digital LEGO models can be a polarising topic — many people would say it’s not “real building”. Strictly-speaking, they’re correct, but occasionally a CGI image comes along which demands attention for its imaginative construction without being a wish-list model of unavailable pieces in rare colours. This stylish and minimalist vision of submarine warfare by Mark B. is a cracker, rendered or not. The microscale ship and submarine models are nicely put together, but it’s the colour choices that set the tone and make this look so cool. I’d love to have this hanging on my wall as an art piece.

Run Silent, Run Deep

2 comments on “Run silent, run deep

  1. Redbeardlegoman

    I’m of the persuasion that digital builds are often all an aspiring builder has. I don’t have the budget to build the MOCs of my dreams. I often don’t have the budget to build even the modest ones.

    Digital building allows to me to scratch that creative itch in ways that are attainable, just as reading allows me to travel history or interstellar space where technology and resources don’t allow.

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