Sculpting an elegant monochrome unicorn

As we all know, building with LEGO isn’t just about creating cool things, it’s also a fantastic art medium. Not only that, it’s a wonderful outlet for self-expression. One builder and incredible artist, Ekow Nimako, is a master of gorgeous monochrome sculptures.  This white unicorn is just one of his many creations.

It turns out that he has built a similar piece in almost all black. Also, it sounds like he is considering building a large-scale version of this creation, with a child on its back. If he does, I’m sure it will be incredible! Ekow has many amazing builds, so keep an eye out for future coverage!

2 comments on “Sculpting an elegant monochrome unicorn

  1. Ekow

    Thanks for the post.

    On September 29th for Nuit Blanche 2018 at the Scarborough Civic Centre I will unveil a similar full scale sculpture. Come one come all!

  2. MrLego2006

    Wow, these build are great. The white one is an alicorn because it has wings, the black one is a Pegasus because it doesn’t have a horn.

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