This life-size garden trellis looks amazingly real, but is 100% LEGO

If this doesn’t look like LEGO to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s just because we’re not used to seeing incredible life-size models like this filled with the tiniest details. Alysa Kirkpatrick crafted this garden trellis, which stands nearly 7 feet tall, after being inspired by gardens in her neighborhood. Check out more details below.

Garden Trellis

The trellis uses a sturdy frame built with traditional bricks and plates, with the angled cross beams connected with click hinges. trellis sidewaysAlysa then covered the frame with eight different flower species and five unique designs for the vines, each made with a variety of LEGO elements, drawing upon such varied sources as barrels, classic palm tree leaves, claws, and even hot air balloon panels to make the petals and leaves.