Size isn’t everything in this tiny Jurassic World encounter

Sometimes it’s easy to be amazed by the extremely large creations, and overlook incredible small ones. But some micro-builds are a constant reminder of just how impressive “little” can be. Small size definitely doesn’t mean less detailed or less complicated, and this build is a great example. One of our favorite builders, Grantmasters, has delivered another mini-masterpiece with this build he calls, “When a Kingdom Falls.” Yet again, his eye for unique parts usage has really shown through.

When a Kingdom Falls

Easily recognizable as a scene from Jurassic World, you may also recognize that those T. rex legs are actually the arms from the full-size LEGO fig. There’s also a Battle Droid body used for the jaw. But my favorite part of this build is the pod. It’s cleverly crafted from 2×2 plates with rounded bottoms and Technic rubber bands. All these elements line up to make for perfect scaling and an eye-catching scene.

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