Chip & Dale are ready for the rescue

Predating Monk by a few decades, this gripping TV detective show featured a pair of chipmunks ready to solve any crime, no matter how or small. Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers was a staple of kids’ cartoons in the 90s, and now this dynamic duo has been brought to the brick by an equally talented pair of builders, with Chip built by Leonid An and Dale by Vlad Lisin.

Chip has lots of unusual elements incorporated, including some Bionicle Kraata as a coat collar and Tauntaun horns for eyebrows.

ChipDale looks fetching in his iconic red shirt (with flowers made of stickers). A skate helmet makes a bright red nose.

2 comments on “Chip & Dale are ready for the rescue

  1. winston

    not gonna lie… these (dale in particular…) are slightly terrifying.
    well done, though.

  2. Håkan

    Yeah, despite the builder’s obvious skills, there are some Uncanny Valley vibes emanating…

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