Cubist Red Three standing by

Unless your name is Luke Skywalker or Wedge Antilles, being given the orange flight suit of a Star Wars rebel pilot must be a little like getting a red shirt on Star Trek — chances are, you’re not going to survive to the end of the battle. Koen offers a great LEGO Brickheadz-styled take on one of these everyday heroes of the Rebellion. The model’s helmet is fantastic, managing to adopt the blocky-aesthetic whilst remaining remarkably accurate to its inspiration. Nice use of printed tiles for the chest plate too. Whilst Koen leaves his pilot anonymous, the figure does sport a quite magnificent 70s-style moustache. As a result, unless anyone tells me otherwise, I’m going to assume this is Luke’s childhood friend Biggs Darklighter — Red 3.

BrickHeadz: Rebel Pilot

2 comments on “Cubist Red Three standing by

  1. KOSTECKI Frederic

    Excellent! Far better IMHO than official Vader and StorStormtrooper BH versions. The helmet is very good. And this 70’s moustache is perfect ! I wish it would be an official release to purchase it. Welldone.

  2. Purple Dave

    I’m not sure how you could even pull it off in this scale without stickers or deco parts, but Biggs’ helmet has black and yellow checkerboard on either side of the forehead. Really, Wedge is the only helmet I can think of offhand that would be easy to pull off In this scale, since he has solid color blocks.

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