Swoosh it – swoosh it real good

“Swooshable” is one of the finest compliments that can be paid to a LEGO aircraft or spacecraft model. Does it make you want to lift it up and swoosh it around the room whilst making engine noises? This cracking air racer from Red Spacecat could serve as some sort of dictionary definition of the term. The smooth lines, the rear-mounted contra-rotating prop, the colour blocking and stickers — all magic.


Couple all that with a folding undercarriage and a touch of Octan sponsorship, and you’ve got an absolute belter of a little LEGO plane…


3 comments on “Swoosh it – swoosh it real good

  1. Jai

    I don’t know nearly enough about aviation to know if this is plausible as an aircraft, but it looks pretty legit to me! Super cool idea to do a 180 (So to speak! I mean, it’s pretty literally a 180) with a standard, common propeller plane design.

    I guess that landing a back-heavy plane would be problematic? I’ve gotta try to find if something like this has been attempted in the real world though, haha.

  2. Sumochemist

    Not to put too much of damper on the story/build, but this plane strongly resembles the Rutan Model 61 Long-EZ that John Denver was flying in his fatal crash.

  3. Red Spacecat

    @Jai – Thanks! I honestly don’t know enough about the physics to even make an educated guess as to its plausibility. But I did my best to fake it :)

    @Sumochemist – That model does come close indeed. I guess the skills of the pilot will account for something as well ;)

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