Seems like it’s a long way from home

Artist AdNorrel creates with his brick-strokes a unique composition of a surreal scene with a character making her way through the mountains. The texture of the bricks both below and above the ledge gives off a scary feeling of great heights to the path of this mysterious traveller. The placement of the distant mountains is a nice play with perspectives giving it a larger than life look. If this was my path home from work every day, I’m pretty much sure I wouldn’t get tired of this picturesque journey.

Way through the mountains

7 comments on “Seems like it’s a long way from home

  1. Ryan

    I think the railing is an intriguing detail! Leaves you to wonder what’s at the top, such that someone would put in railings.

  2. Purple Dave

    Depending on how long of a climb you have to make, what you have to lug home with you, and how badly you have to use the bathroom, you might very well find yourself cursing this trek home before too long.

  3. Håkan

    If the fellow trekkers aren’t too frequent, you might bypass the need for an actual bathroom..

  4. Purple Dave

    I once read about some guy who ended up on the sex offenders list in the US because a park ranger spotted him using a tree out in the middle of nowhere. You could stand there waiting half an hour to see if anyone else is using the trail, only to have someone walk around the bend half a minute after you’ve got your pants down. It might be a different story if you’ve got a trustworthy friend/family member (or two) who can act as a spotter, but if you make it a regular thing you’re bound to get caught at some point.

  5. Håkan

    Yeah, it should be understood from context, I guess. In Sweden I think indecent exposure is a sex crime, and public urination a finable misdemeanor.

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