When best buddies are no more

Builder John Cheng brings us two lovable characters from a Magical Kingdom not so far away. They’ve been friends and buddies for close to 80 years! However, with all best friends, there are bad days when things just don’t go as well as they should.

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I’m not sure what Donald ever did to Mickey, but I don’t think he deserves this treatment. With that dreadful look that Mickey has, this may not be the mouse we know and love—something terrible must have gone wrong. I do however like how the builder used the recently introduced round 1×1 quarter tiles in red to give Mickey’s eyes that menacing and crazy look.

There were better times, of course, when friendships were meant to last forever. I certainly hope they were not fighting over LEGO bricks!

Crime scene Just imagine how it goes if Donald and mickey appear in thriller shows. Hope you like it and sorry if you found offense ? #lego #legocreation #legophotography #mickeymouse #donaldduck #disney

2 comments on “When best buddies are no more

  1. Andrew

    Nah, I always knew Mickey Mouse was a cold-hearted serial killer. You just have to look at those beady little eyes. *shudder*

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