Infinitely small LEGO Avengers

Massive new Marvel movie coming out? What better way to celebrate than with a set of teeny-tiny LEGO Avengers? I couldn’t resist giving these guys a go in micro/nanoscale. There’s not that many characters you can reduce to this scale and still keep them immediately recognisable, but the distinctive colour schemes of comic book superheroes make it possible. The model is not quite purist — there was a little bit of cutting involved (HERESY!), and two sections are balanced on each other rather than stuck together. But I think it looks cool so I’m begging forgiveness. (Bonus points for any eagle-eyed commenters out there who can spot which piece I cut…)

Infinitely Small

6 comments on “Infinitely small LEGO Avengers

  1. MarcJ

    Captain America’s body looks like 3 1×1 plates on their side, balanced between his head & legs. Nicely done, all of them are brilliant & very clever :)

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