LEGO BrickHeadz 41611 Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown from Back to the Future [Review]

Back To The Future has been a favourite franchise for a generation, but has not had any new movies in nearly 30 years. And yet, the iconic 1980’s trilogy continues getting revivals in every way possible, including as LEGO sets. We first saw it as an Ideas set (back when the line was known as Cuusoo) with 21103 DeLorean Time Machine, and then another revival of the theme in various LEGO Dimension add-ons, including Doc Emmet Brown Fun Pack and the Back to the Future Level Pack featuring Marty McFly. We now have them come together for the first time as LEGO BrickHeadz with the 41611 Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown two-pack.

41611 Back To the Future BrickHeadz Doc and Marty and Box Wide Angle

The box & contents

Typical for dual boxes that we’ve seen recently with the Incredibles 2 BrickHeadz featuring Mr.Incredible and Frozone and the Justice League BrickHeadz featuring Tactical Batman and Superman the contents spill out into two separate bags and instructions.

41611 Back To the Future BrickHeadz Box Contents

Building Marty McFly

Out of the bag, there are two printed parts that are unique for Marty. First, there’s his checkered shirt with his suspenders. LEGO got this design just right, down to the details of the inner red T-shirt that he dons in the original 1985 movie. The other new printed tile is used for the brick-built video camera that Marty carries as an accessory.

41611 Back To the Future BrickHeadz Marty Printed Parts

For any BrickHeadz to be instantly recognisable, there are two key areas that make or break it: It’s the hairdo and the outfit that the character wears. For Marty McFly, I think the LEGO design team got it close enough to the real thing. Marty wears his puffy red vest with perfect use of the 1×1 square tiles, just like where they should be to give a puffed-up look, with that checkered shirt print to top it off.

41611 Back To the Future BrickHeadz Marty Torso Marty

Marty’s hairdo consists of brown elements with the round 1×1 quarter tiles to give the right curves and shaping for a neat hairdo. It’s pretty much accurate to the movie as well, with his hair parted on the right side.

41611 Back To the Future BrickHeadz Marty Dramatic

Here’s a quick view of Marty from a few more angles, including his back. It’s all pretty clean and neat, and I’d say the design team did a great job with Marty McFly.

Building Doc Emmett Brown

Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown character comes with 3 printed parts: a 1×2 brick that forms his remote control for the DeLorean and two white 1×4 bricks for the back and front of his overalls. Once again, the detailing on his overalls from the black neckline to his pockets filled with pens is a nice touch to know that we do have great Back to the Future fans in Billund designing our favourite characters.

41611 Back To the Future BrickHeadz Doc Printed Parts

Doc is made up of mostly white elements, though he does have a silver ingot to represent his utility belt, which again is movie accurate. At the back of his overalls is a printed nuclear hazard symbol.

The part that gives Doc a great “doc” look is his fluffy white hairdo. All white and unmanageable, that’s what a “doc crazy” look is all about.

41611 Back To the Future BrickHeadz Doc Dramatic

Doc’s overall look is pretty much as good as it can get in BrickHeadz form.

Conclusion and Recommendation

All in all, I must say we have a winner here — movie accurate versions of two loveable characters from one of the best time travel movies out there. I say LEGO not only did a good job just in their representation of their characters but also for selecting a timeless classic in the first place as a BrickHeadz duo. The modelling and likenesses were pulled directly from the first movie released back in 1985.

Back To the Future Movie SceneA scene from Back to the Future, 1985, Amblin Entertainment, Universal Pictures

41611 Back To the Future BrickHeadz Doc and Marty Duo Left Facing

Priced at $19.99 USD and due to be released on the 1st of May, this LEGO BrickHeadz set comes with a part count of 240 pieces. You’re not going to want to miss this if you’re a Back to the Future fan.

41611 Back To the Future BrickHeadz Doc and Marty Top of Box