Counting LEGO balls with complexity [Video]

Builder Berthil van Beek takes the easy and makes it complex, simply because he can! What you see here is a LEGO ball counter. Yes, you have that right. It’s a ball counter that actually displays a moving tally as the balls pass through.

GBC Ball Counter

Dropping the balls at one end of the contraption allows the LEGO balls to run through a Technic turnstile and end up in the container at the far end.

It may seem simple, but the gear mechanics and the overall design probably required some heavy math and intelligence, of which I have none. Berthil credits the chain mechanism ratio to Parax77. It just shows how a lot of sweat, toil, and inspiration from another builder can bring life to something unique and different.

LEGO Cipher wheel

Check out the full video below to see Berthil’s ball counter in action: