Judgment Day starts with a Technic Arm

Just like the scene from the Terminator movies, the missing link to the end of our world and beginnings of Skynet all began with a robotic arm, and we have Adam Wołkowycki to thank for. It all begins with innocent simple tasks like these. Grabbing an object, and performing routine tasks. All built with LEGO parts including pneumatic and electronic components. Containing 6 motors, 2 IR receivers, 7 pneumatic cylinders and 4 linear actuators.



A simple back and forth waving motion. First, you teach it to wave, a sign of coming in peace (or goodbye-sayonara).

Then you give it the intelligence to hold and squeeze objects.

And when the time comes, more complex tasks, like mixing dangerous fuels to form deadly chemical weapons.

Before you know it, sooner or later it’s game over. World domination.


Watch the full video here:

5 comments on “Judgment Day starts with a Technic Arm

  1. Håkan

    I guess it’d move very slowly, though. Best to keep it away from keyboards and Internet connections…

  2. Edwinder Post author

    @ Håkan

    LOL! That’s a good one! I suspect cellular mobile devices too! It looks like it could cause some havoc especially with 1-click purchases and ordering from large online stores. We certainly don’t want it to bring in parts that will complete it’s mission to remodel itself to something more useful.

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