LEGO 71021 Collectible Minifigures Series 18 Feel Guide [Review]

Collectible Minifigures Series 18 are officially available now, and this series will be among the most popular ever. We brought you a thorough review of the whole set of party-themed characters a few weeks ago to help you decide which characters you want, and now it’s time to help you find them. Whether you want all 17 characters or just that one awesome minifigure, you’ll have a few options.

You can choose to buy a full case of 60 minifigures from a site like Bricklink, knowing that you’ll get exactly what you want. This is usually a great option if you have a few friends who each want a series, since each case contains at least three full sets — except not for Series 18. There’s only 1 Classic Police Officer per case of 60 minifigures, so you may have to play a round of rock-paper-scissors with your friends if go this route. Another option is to try your luck buying random characters either from the LEGO Shop Online or just grabbing some in a store.

Or, of course, you beat the game and know what you’re buying in the blind packs before you purchase by using your fingers. We’re here to help you with our handy Feel Guide, and we sorted a whole case for research. Keep this image open on your phone or tablet as you sift through a case in the store, and you’ll find it’s no problem to locate a complete set in short order, though we suspect that the police officer will still be a hot commodity due to its relative rarity.

LEGO 71021 Collectible Minifigures Series 18 are available now for $3.99 USD each from the LEGO Shop online.

5 comments on “LEGO 71021 Collectible Minifigures Series 18 Feel Guide [Review]

  1. Adi Carney

    Amazing guide thanks so much. There are x4 Cowboy Costume Guy and not X3 in a case of 60

  2. BrianH.

    Thanks for this. I took my wife to scope out the cat lady and she scored the cop. YES! So we felt out the whole set!!!

  3. Chris

    I got the cop first three bags I picked up. Did not know it was hard to find. Just luck . Then a guy had worked out the formula and gave me another. I was amazed to have 2 when I got home. My first double was the cop . You can’t make it up .

  4. will

    Just found the Policeman thanks to your feel guide. One tip on finding him is his bag is also the thinnest, as all the parts inside are flat.

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