Long live the Queen... of nightmares.

There are few monsters in the history of movies that strike more terror in audiences and fans than the Queen Xenomorph imagined by James Cameron in the movie Aliens. Here at TBB we have featured many LEGO xenomorphs in the past, but in my opinion, this Queen by Manufactura Jarema is one of the best, most detailed queen models I have ever seen.


There are so many details that are worth mentioning. For one, the use of two black clip elements used to create the tapering barbs on the flexible tail. Also, the hinge piece on the arms is the perfect part for making thin yet posable limbs. Besides the many wonderful details in the Queen herself, the stand which contains great environmental structure also features another hero of this model, the Facehugger!


3 comments on “Long live the Queen... of nightmares.

  1. GJBricks

    That is the stuff of nightmares! Fantastic build. I Love the queen build, but think the face huggers might steal the show for me! Especially the one jumping out. #shudders#

  2. Daniel Post author

    Gomek, While the late HR Giger did indeed design the original Xenomorph, and their basic life cycle, according the the bonus material included in the Aliens DVD collection, James Cameron and the writers of Aliens developed the queen concept. Either way, great call-out to credit HR Giger.

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