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How do you create a tree using chains? It seems an unlikely element to form the organic branches of a bonsai tree, but in this creation by Tim Schwalfenberg, each of the connected links forms a knot on the gnarled bark. The result is highly original and undeniably striking. Tim doesn’t say how many chains he used, but it’s certainly more than you might expect, if my own experiences with LEGO chains are anything by which to judge.

Chain Tree

Tim hasn’t stopped with just this one tree, though. He’s actually created a series, each explore different techniques.

There’s this spindly tree that reminds me a mangrove, created with the abundant use of whips, with a bit of flex tubing and some connectors including minifigure hands.

Spindly Tree

Next up is a pine tree, which angles the traditional leaf elements down to create the conical shape.

Pine Tree

And finally a classic LEGO-style tree, which is similar to an oak, with broad flat sections of leaves and a blocky brown trunk. This may be the simplest type of tree to build, but it can still look great in the right settings.

Autumn Tree

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