Birth by brick

Do you ever look at a picture and think, “If I had a band, this would be the album cover”? If you share in my very specific type of daydreaming, this build by Leonid An should be on your shortlist. Titled “Birth”, it will probably remind many of the scene from The Matrix when Neo wakes up, but I’m far more interested in the meticulous part usage that went into making this little art piece so cohesive. The sides are built up with what looks to be hundreds of Technic pieces, and even a few wheels thrown in for good measure.


The centre pod is the obvious focus, using the old Bionicle Rahkshi pieces to make the middle oval. This is surrounded by layers of tentacle pieces, and I do mean layers. What isn’t immediately noticeable from this angle is the fact that the pod is raised up from the rest of the build. It’s better seen in the picture below.


3 comments on “Birth by brick

  1. Michael

    I it reminds me a lot of H R Giger’s combining of the anatomical and technological. Because of that I do feel that it may cross into non family friendly territory. I do feel that it is technically well done but if my boys were looking over my shoulder right now based on the title and Gigir influences I feel that we would be have a conversation that they aren’t quite old enough for yet.

  2. Travis

    Michael is correct that this is straight up Giger, and it’s incredibly well done. I’m not sure I’d worry about the family friendly nature, though, because recognizing what this piece represents requires a level of anatomical knowledge that, if one can see the resemblance, well, it’s already too late for that kid. :)

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