Burn baby burn, LEGO inferno

Hot on the heels of their last isometric LEGO scene, simply bricking it is at it again. Here’s a hot little number — an erupting volcano spilling lava down the side of a hill, with the deadly streams of boiling rock somehow avoiding all the tiny dwellings. The colour scheme here is wonderful — this feels like a retro 70s-era eruption with all that brown and orange — and the lava flows have a genuine sense of downhill movement. All this volcanic action might be superhot, but this model is supercool.

A Near Miss

1 comment on “Burn baby burn, LEGO inferno

  1. Purple Dave

    “…deadly streams of boiling rock somehow avoiding all the tiny dwellings.”

    Are they? Sure, all the buildings you can _see_ have been missed, but I spy three suspicious smoke plumes that suggest otherwise. I also noticed that there’s a large pool of lava on the left that has no inflow of outflow. It’s just there. Logically, the only way it could get there is underground (sewer system, maybe?), so there’s a good chance the two houses next to it are less desirable real estate than a house a basement and in-ground pool deep in the Everglades.

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