Tiny T-47 snowspeeders that pack a punch! [Instructions]

I love me a good micro build, especially from the Star Wars franchise. This microscale T-47 speeder is one build that seems like it was transformed by a magical miniaturisation ray-gun that hit the 75144 UCS Snowspeeder. This makes me feel like building a bunch of these just to take down an AT-AT. Well, wait no more, because here are the engineering plans graciously shared by Rebel leader Jme Wheeler.

Micro Speeder

Step 1

Snow Speeder Step 1

Step 2

Snow Speeder Step 2

Step 3

Snow Speeder Step 3

Step 4

Snow Speeder Step 4

Step 5

Snow Speeder Step 5

Step 6

Snow Speeder Step 6

Step 7

Snow Speeder Step 7

Step 8

Snow Speeder Step 8

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  1. greg heath

    LeoCAD, MLCad or LEGO Digital Designer will let you build any model you ca dream up with unlimited parts.

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