A lineup of rebel scum is assembled

I’ve always loved LEGO microscale building. It’s all about challenging yourself as a builder to find the simplest and smallest expression of something that remains immediately recognisable. Whilst not exactly regular “microscale building”, I set myself the same challenge with these creations, trying to depict iconic characters in a “minimalist domino” style, using as few pieces and colours as possible. I thought the heroes of the Rebellion would make for an appropriate line-up and I’m pleased with how they turned out…
Rebel Scum - LineUpz
Once I started building in this style I just couldn’t stop — it’s fun, but surprisingly challenging to capture the essence of well-known characters in so few pieces.

I really liked the line-up aspect of the Star Wars figures so aimed to continue in that vein with further models. Here are the Avengers, minus Hawkeye — no matter how many times I tried, his outfit and appearance just isn’t distinctive enough to capture in this style..
Avengers - LineUpz
And sticking with the superhero theme, here’s the Dynamic Duo…
Batman & Robin - LineUpz

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  1. Purple Dave

    It’s still not the most minimalist I’ve seen, where characters are usually represented with three basic 1×2 bricks, but it definitely allows more creativity in the final result. The color-banding thing is creative in coming up with the original idea, but more a mathematical exercise after that.

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